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Cold Display Counter

Cold Display Counter – All you needed to know

We live in a world, where the presentation of an item to consumers is as important as the item itself. Even if you have an exquisitely tasty dish to offer, it is still deemed futile if it is not showcased properly for the onlookers to drool upon. And the taste of it may also spoil if not kept in a particular environment. Here comes the role of cold display counters aka Cold Display Counter. The CDC’s are designed by the manufacturers in such a way that not only the product becomes eye-catching for consumers increasing the sales of the particular product, they also maintain a soothing environment for the item or the food to not get spoiled. Cold Display Coounter are now a professional and mandatory way of showcasing your product to the customers.

Cold Display Counter

Cold Display Counter

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Cold Display Counter, which are available for restaurants and commercial food joints to change the look. This is available in different formats and is manufactured using latest technologies using modern machines. Our products are widely known for their low power consumption and we offer these products with effective performance in the market. Thus, these products are widely known for their easy installation.

However, there are certain things you also need to consider while buying a Cold Display Counter. Primarily, CDC’s come with 2 different modules -

1. Forced Air-

In forced air CDC’s, there’s a fan that circulates the cold air, throughout the cabinet to keep them chilled. But there’s a catch! The forced air CDC could dry out your products. Also, it is advised not to keep the food items in the case for too long!

2. Gravity Coil-

In this module, the coils are on the upper side of the cabinet. It allows the slightly colder air to go inside it. It is considered ideal for raw meat, sea fish, sea crab, salads and deli products; this module does not cause dryness to the items inside it contrary to the Forced Air modules. Moreover, they are also less expensive as compared to the Cold Display Counter with Forced air!

Some other factors to keep in mind would be the following, so that next time you have to choose a CDC, you would know what to look for.

• Size of the display counter.

The size, shape and color of the CDC plays an important role, in enhancing the look and also deciding the premium look according to your budget.

• Shelving of the Display counters

The visibility of the display counters is upgraded if they use tiered shelving. The visibility of the products is important and crucial to the sales of the products. These shelves help in bringing the products closer to the front of the Cold Display Counter.

There are also transparent counters with glass shelves; the glass allows the light to make the product showcased in better light with appropriate focus.

• Style

When it comes to improving your store’s style, Cold display counters are excellent in doing so. It adds a fine tune to your store! And your customers will love it!

• Material

Also, always consider the material of the CDC, as it determines the longevity and vitality of your CDC. A cheap CDC might not even serve you for more than 10 months whereas a quality Cold display counter could even serve you for more than 10 years!

• Maintenance

When it comes to something as important as cold display counters, it is important to maintain them. Proper maintenance could add a sparkle of luster to your counter, and hence may increase the longevity. Mopping the shelves and cleaning the coils once in 1 month would be a very excellent way to maintain it!

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